hemelVAART (2013)

A literary, art route between Dilbeek and Gaasbeek.

From end of April until end of May 2013 you could visit the exhibition ‘Moments of Writing’ by artist Alexandra Cool at Cultural Center Westrand in Dilbeek. At the same time there was an exhibition running at Kasteel van Gaasbeek. Painter Sam Dillemans exhibited a series of portraits of authors. The idea was to create a link between these two interesting events by creating an artistic and literary route. Across the Pajotottenland, on the route you could discover installations, photographs and sculptures made by students of the academies of Halle, Sint-Pieters-Leeuw, Dilbeek and Anderlecht. Professional artist assisted these students who were inspired by a number of literary fragments about dreaming, clouds and heaven, selected by poet Ivo Van Strijtem. Commissioned by my intern supervisor at Kasteel van Gaasbeek I designed the promotion image and material like the project website, the poster, flyers, information signboards and posters with poems (raamgedichten).