Thijs Polfliet (°1990, Gent)


I am an artist who lives in the region of Gent, Belgium. I have studied free Graphics at the Royal Academy for Fine Arts and a Master degree Cultural studies at KU Leuven. The relation between old media like lithography, drawing with pastel and woodcuts and the digital images plays an important role in my graphic work. This relation expresses itself in his pastel drawings, collages and performances. The importance of the handicraft and the analogue shouldn’t be underestimated. Nevertheless, i don’t want to avoid the digital that is important in my collection of media images and to document my performances/walks.


My work always starts from the concept of the body. Six years ago i started collecting an archive of photographs. Not only images from mass media, but also my own photographic material influence my oeuvre. These images were translated in litho-prints, drawings and collages on wood. In 2011 i started walking in cities like Brussels, Charleroi, Rennes, Brasilia… In the series of walks that i made, i'm referring towards the boundary. A walk is like a drawing bounded and at the same time unbounded. The start point and destination is decided from the beginning, but the route can change during the walk. When i'm drawing, i let my hand walk over the surface of the paper; the foundation is unlike a canvas in painting unbounded. My strong desire towards collecting images is also unbounded. Walking, collecting images, but also telling stories play an important role. Sometimes i identify myself with a flaneur. Other moments my works are political or autobiographical. Either way, the walks, collection and work shape an artistic process that can be seen as a route, a bounded and unbounded journey.