Heimat (2016)


“Heimat”, German for home or homeland, is a coffer with wooden postcards. On the wood you can discover fragments of old photos and drawing with ink, finished with coloured bistre.


The annual carnival in my village is for me a celebration of passing folklore. When I was browsing old photos, I discovered some pictures of the carnival from 1958. It was the year that the famous Flemish artist Frans van Immerseel built a procession of carnival. My grandfather was a painter and helped making the costumes and wagons. He had a great fascination for art and nature. I inherited his talent for drawing. Some of the vague memories that I have are the numerous coloured birds that he drew for me. At the end of his live he suffered from Alzheimer and Parkinson. Therefore he was unable to draw. Around that period I started to go to the art academy and my grandmother gave me a wooden coffer for drawing material. I always have saved this wooden coffer. I thought, one day I would reuse it. And not so long ago I rediscovered the coffer in the woodshed under a big layer of dust. The trunk became a box to store some touchable memories. The work “Heimat” is a homage to my grandfather and the many birds he drew during his life.


Heimat - Coffer with wooden postcards, coloured ink drawings on wood -

38-28 cm - 2016