Greetings from Prora

Greetings from Prora (2016)


Greetings from Prora (2016) is a collage made of documentary photos from Prora, a touristic seatown from Nazi Germany, pictures of buildings from Sovjet times with ink drawings, coloured with bister on wood. This work was inspired by a book 'Les bienveillantes' that tells the story of a German SS officer who was responsible for the Endlösung in Ukraine. Max Aue, the main character describes the horros at the Eastern Front and the soldiers fellowship. The wooden plates are designed as comics. The central theme is an ideological architecture, medieval cities and the romantic idea of an untouched nature.


Greetings from Prora - Collage and ink drawings, coloured with bistre -

80-60 cm - 2016 - both sold


© Photos of work taken by photographer Di Fausto (2016)